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TheRayOutOfSpace's News

Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - October 4th, 2022


I hope you are all doing fine. 💜

First of all, happy spooky season! 🎃 It is that time of the year once again, the BEST time of the year.

Second of all, as you may know, having been affected by circumstances outside my control for more time than expected translates inevitably into delays from yours truly. I am hard at work backstage to bring some spooky delights and surprises for all of you to enjoy, however things may come much later than expected. This also goes for commissions and their re-opening, I will require more time to finish what work is left.

I want to thank you all in advance for your continued patience and support; it really means a lot.

Have a great rest of the week, stay safe and stay spooky! 👾

Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - October 2nd, 2022

Power has returned...

and so have I!!!

Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - October 1st, 2022

Breaking news:

Ray is NOT dead.

More details as the story unfolds.

(TL;DR: Hurricane aftermath. I am doing good. No power, however. Commission work and spook month related works will be delayed until further notice. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.)

Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - August 2nd, 2022

And here is the queue as it stands as of now:

Comfy (x)

SatiricalSythe (x)

Pets in Winter (x)

Moitoanhl (x)

LazyBuw (x)

Mora (x)

SttoryTeller (x)

Masada (-)

BigMoke (x)

Yef (x)

I'm Lost (x)

Skarphedinn (-)








Stay tuned for updates and progress on the works!

Once again, its good to be back! And I am more than happy to see the warm welcome from y'all. I will diligently respond diligently, post haste! For those who couldn't make it, I once again apologize. But never fear, as long as I am able to, there will always be a next time!!!



Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - August 2nd, 2022

And with that, comms are closed!!!

Thank you all so much for the continued love and support, it means a whole bunch. It still amazes me that I get flooded with requests for art. You guys are the best, you make dreams into reality!

I am glad to be back; this break has allowed me to return recharged, renewed, and recommitted to sexy horrors and high fantasies!


The full queue will be posted soon. Stay tuned!


Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - August 1st, 2022



You heard right, I'm back to my regularly scheduled mayhem!

Interested in art from beyond?

Google form:


Ko-Fi Link:


If you don't get in this queue, don't worry! Commissions will return once more as soon as possible.

Thank you all in advance for the love and support. I'm glad to be back making nightmares real!


Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - June 29th, 2022

Due to high volume of requests and dm's, an open window for a very limited number of commissions before some time off is virtually non existent.😅 I apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may present. 

Needless to say, I appreciate the support and enthusiasm. It is both humbling and overwhelming to bring y'all spooks and joy and to see my works have such positive feedback. I truly wish I could inhabit several bodies to work on more things at once. 

Short spots are as follow:

-That Dog Jerk/Jukebox Hero



-Comfy Caveman

These will follow a short break. But after the break, your regularly scheduled mayhem will return in full swing (granted I'm still alive).

T̴̰̂̾̒h̶̢̩͇͖̹̣̹͈͗̎̌̓̓ê̷̘̬̹̟͐ ̸͙͍̲̟͍̻̒̅̓̎̆͛̕͝Ŗ̶̛̫̳͙̤̩͚̦̒̀ä̴̬́y̶͈̦͔̙͖̍̽̂̑ ̵̛̱͍̝̐Ẃ̵͍͎̝͓̘͔̓̔̈́̂́̕Ḭ̵̢̱̉́L̷͍̳̪̟͉̫̳̈̀͌͂̈́̒͛L̷̨̫̇̾͝ ̶̭͙̩̙̽̚r̷̹̲͎̥͉͓̳̐̐̓̌̐́̕ę̵̧̣̘̙͙̌̃̍̚͜t̷̛͔͖̭͚̉̔̍̈́̽͘͠u̷̠̫̤̲̱̮̦̇̐̈́̀̕͝r̸͉̈́̈̎͒̃̿n̴̙̲̓́̀

Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - June 25th, 2022

And with that, all commissions from the previous queue are done! I will be doing a very limited number of commissions for the month of July before heading out on some much needed time off.

However, The Ray will return relaxed, renewed, and recommitted to spooky mayhem and horny chaos!

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support! You all really do help in making dreams into reality, it means the world to me. Look forward for more ghouls, ghosts, specters, and spooks from yours truly!


Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - April 19th, 2022

And with that, commissions are closed!

Thank you all for the response, I am legitimately in awe at how fast these fill up.

The commission queue stands as follows:

GhostOfOnyx (x)

Liarborn (x)

Prota (x)

Pets in Winter (x)

Dumette (x)

Hazel (x)

IrvingWrites (x)

Tallus (x)

Don (x)

The Wretched Automaton (x)

DeadBabylon (x)

SigmaBlack (x)

Vincent (x)

LoneWolf (x)

Drakle Studios (x)

DragonBoy (x)

Mahiri (x)

Skaphedin (x)

Iskan (-)


I apologize to those who couldn't get in, but never fear; there is always next time! Thanks again for the support! It really means the world 🙏


Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - April 18th, 2022

The Commissions RETURN!!!

What's your pleasure?

Links for your convenience:

Google Forms:


Kofi Page:


Questions? Feel free to DM me!