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An Update Out of Space

Posted by TheRayOutOfSpace - 1 month ago

Hope you guys are doing well!

The past queue of commissions has been done for a few days now and I have taken said days to work on patreon exclusives before reopening commissions. Which means, there's still a bit of time before I do open up again. In the meantime, in the spirit of honesty and transparency towards those who follow and support me, here are the changes being made in the future.

Due to the rising costs of, well, everything really, along with the added experience and complexity of my work, I have decided to sit down and rework pricing on commissions. Don't worry! It's not anything drastic or exorbitant. My priority is still to deliver quality at an affordable price and be as honest as possible with my pricings. Trust me, I know what it's like to get priced out of something you love and I do not intend to do the same any time soon.

That being said, here are what the new prices will look like:

Black & White Commissions

>Base price: $50 (Previously $40)

>Detailed Background: $25 (Previously $10)

>Additional Characters: $25 each (Previously $10)

>Complex Characters: $20

This particular charge exists due to the concern of having plain/nude characters (less render time) be the same price as intricate/heavily clothed characters (more render time)

Colored Commissions

>Base price: $70 (Previously $60)

>Detailed Background: $35 (Previously $20)

>Additional Characters: $35 each (Previously $20)

>Complex Characters: $30

Character Sheets

>Base price: $100 (Previously $80)

>Key Item(s): $20 each

This means weapons, genital detail, artifacts, etc.

>Head Shots: $20 each

>Additional Poses: $40 each

>SFW/NSFW Variant: $40

These decisions were made keeping in mind that some character sheets may be more intricate than others. And so, in the spirit of fairness, this was made to accommodate for different needs and render times.

An updated Commission Page:


Again, commissions won't be open again for at least another week. This is so I can let everybody know beforehand, and those of you who are interested know what to expect and are not surprised by a sudden and unaccounted for change. But I want to hear from you: Do you agree with these changes? What do/don't you like? Do these changes seem fair? If so, why? Would you change anything if you could?

Let me know in the comments!



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